Tuner Mini USB Stick

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  • Specifications:
    Size :86*26*12/3.38*1.02*0.47"
    Net Weight:60 g
    Weight:70 g

    Package Included:
    1x DVB-T
    1x Antenna
    1x Remote Control 

  • Specifications:

    1. System requirement:Microsoft Windows XP/2000,Desktop or notebook,800MHz CPU or above,128M RAM or above,VGA card with at the least 8MB Memory sound card,Microsoft direct X9.0 or above
    2. Digital terrrestral TV antenna
    3. Special requirement for operate PIP
    4. VGA card support VMR 9
    5. USB 2.0 port
    6. P4 1.8G Recommended
    7. Input therminal:75 Ohm Din
    8. Receiving frequency:48.25-863.25 MHz Tuning Range
    9. COFDM&FEC
    10. Fully DVB-T compliant
    11. 2K or 8K FFT Size
    12. Bandwidth:6/7/8 MHz auto select
    13. De-Multiplexing
    14. Engine:hardware
    15. Stream capture:PES&TS
    16. A/V Format
    17. Video format:MPEG-II Main Profile&Main Level (Not support MPEG4)
    18. Audio format:MPEG-II Audio layer I&II  (Not support MPEG4)
    19. Dimensions(WxDxH):30.5(w)x72(D)x14.4(H)mm