Stainless Steel Double Bowl Pet Tableware

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Product information:

Product Name: Pet Slow Food Double Bowl
Color pink/blue/green/white
Material: wheat straw + stainless steel bowl
Specification: 32X13.5X14X5CM
Weight: 265g

- NON SLIP BASE- Our pet Feeder Bowls won't slip or slide .There are 4 non-slip pads on the bottom of the pet bowl.Avoid your dog to overturn the feeder, while protecting your floor
-FOOD SAFE MATERIALS - are made with eco-friendly wheat straw and premium stainless steel, non-toxic harmless, safe and durable for your pets.
- SCIENTIFIC SLOW FEEDER- Slow feed bowl help dogs eat up to 5-10X slower promotes healthy eating, anti-gobble, helping prevent obesity, and indigestion, with our upgraded slow feeder, your pets will eat healthier. At the same time, stimulates the pet's intellectual development.
- Unique Design- Uniquely designed two bowls of different sizes but different functions, we will combine them, which not only saves space for dog bowls, but also makes cleaning easier.1 slow eating bowl for food and 1 stainless steel bowls for water, with smooth edg can solve the problem of drinking water for pets, and the slow food bowl can control the amount of pets to eat well, or both food while you have 2 pet.
- Please contact us if you met any problem during the use, we shall certainly do it to your satisfaction!

Size information: