Prevue Tiger Tower Cat Tree

Prevue Pet Products Kitty Power Paws Tiger Tower 7303 combines super soft, plush fabrics with durable jute to provide the perfect place for lounging, sleeping, scratching, hiding and playing. A luxurious tiger print bolstered day bed is a great spot for your kitten or cat to survey its surroundings or take a cat nap. Two plush, dangling, swat toys hang playfully - one from the large cat bed and one from the lower plush platform. Five individual, durable, jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors and saving your sofa. In addition to the cat bed, two rectangular platforms provide opportunities for pouncing and jumping or multiple levels for more than one cat to lounge comfortably. A lower level hideout makes your cat or kitten feel more secure and minimizes social stress. At 4 foot tall, this cat tree utilizes vertical space and a compact footprint to save space in your home while offering your kitty plenty of options to play, sleep and lounge. Expertly designed cat furniture assembles easily and satisfies the needs of cats of all ages, sizes and activity levels. Measures 24’’ Long, 24’’ Wide and 48’’ High.