PetHealthLocker Smart Pet Tag

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The smart way to protect your pet.
With a SMART PET TAG™ anyone that finds your pet can:
- Easily learn about their personality.
- Quickly text you a map of their location.
- Feel comfortable with your pet as they wait for you to pick him/her up.

Most pets are found within a few miles of their home. SMART Pet Tag makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to help get your pet home. Our easy to use mobile app helps you setup the tag and even keeps all of your pet's records.

Safe & Secure
Your pet's record are secure at PetHealthLocker we treat pet's records like we would with humans, we use HTTPS and SSL for all pages. All stored passwords are encrypted and we abstract all file names.

Our pet tags have a QR Code on the back to make it convenient to scan the tag if a pet is found. The barcode can be scanned with any 2D barcode reader on your phone.

Pet Profile
The Pet profile is designed to get your Pet back FAST. It has the pet's name, picture, home address and a message that you can customize for the person that finds your pet. Some pet's do not like children or do not like to be picked up, the message allows you to rely this to the person. The profile also has room for two owners and their mobile or home phone numbers. If you use a mobile number the person who finds your pet can text you a map of their exact location and can wait for you to pickup your pet.

Found a Pet
Trying to find a pet that is lost is a emotional experience, trying to follow directions from someone on a phone is not easy. We wanted to help so when a person goes to your pet's profile they can simply text you a MAP with DIRECTIONS to your pet's location*GPS has to be enabled on the phone of the person that is sending the text