Pet Shower Kit Cat and Dog Shower Head Dog Shower Kit Brush Massage Kit Pet Kit

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1. It combines bathing and massage in one. Suitable for cats and dogs (medium to large).
2. Flexible cleaning brushes and massage brushes provide gentle massage to thoroughly clean pet skin and hair without harming fur and skin.
3. Proper water pressure will make your pet's bath more enjoyable.
4. The ergonomically designed shower head is suitable for comfortable hands and allows one-handed operation. Humanized water lock switch, convenient to control water flow.
5. When you massage or use shampoo, open the round soft cover to achieve better cleaning and massage effect.
6. When flushing, put down the soft cover to avoid splashing into the pet's eyes, nose and ears. It can be in the bathroom, garden or anywhere as long as you have tap water.


Single package size and weight: 17.5*12.5*9cm, 0.25kg
Material: Plastic
Fur care
Size: orange single shower, rose red single shower, lake blue single shower, pink single shower

Package Content:

1 x Pet Shower Kit