Pet leaking device mouse tumbler funny cat interactive toy

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Pet feeder cat toy mouse shape food rolling bowl leaking water dispenser kitten training game educational toys

Color: light red, white

material: plastic

To: Cat

Size: 5x7 cm / 1.96 x 2.75"

Toy type: ball

Features: Durable and easy to use

For: everyday use, indie games, blankets

Type: automatic feeder, ball

Number of bowls: 1

Selling point: 1. The shape of the artificial pet feeder mouse is easy to attract the attention of your cat or dog and attract them to play.

Pet feeders can store food for cats or dogs and can better attract your pets
3. Once your pet plays and pulls the pet feeder, the food inside is

Through a small and cute shape hole
4. This tumbler-shaped toy will give you some food to prevent your pet from eating too much food.

At the same time, therefore avoiding his/her suffocation and helping to digest automatically
5. Decentralized design can increase the fun of your dog/cat

6. As an educational toy train, once you roll it in the right way, this feeder food can immediately reward your pet.
6. Made of high quality plastic,

This pet feeder is non-toxic and can safely store food kittens.