Iron Man Spider-Man chest traction rope

by new

product manual:
Surprise Captain is a new product. He is very beautiful and cool.
· 4 sizes s: XS, S, M, L. See the size picture for information on dimensions.
·Material: Fabric and nylon
·Air flight technology, 3D fit, shock protection.
· Very intimate outdoor module design to protect pets from mosquitoes.

The hero was born to protect the miracle world. Each set of heroic battle suits is condensed with an inconspicuous high-tech force. Petkit came as a guardian dog, introducing heroic elements into new seat belts and exploding unknown potential.

XS (neck 35- 40cm bust 40-45cm)
S (neck 40-45cm bust 45-52cm)
M (neck 46-52cm bust 52-58cm)
L (neck 52-58cm bust 58-66cm)