I and Love and You Top That Variety Pack Meal Enhancer for Dogs

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"Got a dog who craves juicy and oh-so-chunky bites? They have good taste! This variety pack includes a smorgasbord of tasty wet dog food toppers that’ll have your dog wagging their tail 15mph, nay 20mph.

Not only do these toppers help picky eaters graduate to the clean plate club (#NoBitesLeftBehind), but each one also packs an additional love-powered punch! These savory meal enhancers are packed with real protein and boosted with functional ingredients to give all dog’s a healthy coat, happy tummy, and energy for more cuddles! And thanks to the variety of flavors and benefits—you get a little bit of everything and a lotta happy future mealtimes.

Top That Tummy - Give your adventurous eater somethin’ to salivate over….

Top That Shine - #HairGoals (JVN would be proud)

Top That Boost - Duck, duck—runnnn!

Why We Love It

  • Real Meat, Real Poultry, or Real Duck! - Whatever delicious and tasty protein your pet is craving today, they get.
  • Hydration Boost - Your dog gets the benefit of an extra serving of moisture to ensure they’re getting enough H20 (without even knowing it!) every day.
  • Grain-Free - Absolutely no corn, wheat, rice, soy, or oats in sight. We don’t pack your pet’s food with grains just to help us save a buck or two.
  • Filler-Free - Unlike other brands, we don’t use ingredients like rice or corn to bulk out your pet’s food because we know there’s little nutritional value and it can contribute to obesity and lethargy.
  • Flavor Variety - Keep mealtime interesting by rotating in new and exciting flavors. This meal enhancer comes in many protein-packed flavors your dog will go nuts for.
  • Fan Favorite - This smorgasbord of meaty flavors are the perfect pick for most dogs because of the variety of flavors and benefits—you get a little bit of everything and a lotta happy mealtimes.
  • Holistic Nutrition - Recipe recommended by our in-house holistic vet, Dr. Angie. These handpicked, balanced ingredients nourish your dog from head to paw. .


Duck Recipe: DuckDuck BrothChicken BrothChickenChicken LiverDried Egg WhitesPea FlourPumpkinCranberriesGuar GumDried Egg ProductSaltSodium PhosphateNatural FlavorSodium Carbonate ChickenChicken BrothTurkey BrothChicken LiverPea FlourDried Egg WhitesPea FiberPowdered CelluloseGuar GumGround FlaxseedsFish OilSaltSodium PhosphateMontmorillonite ClayInulinNatural FlavorSodium CarbonateFructooligosaccharideL-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (Source of Vitamin C)Vitamin E SupplementL-Carnitine. BEEF RECIPE: BeefBeef BrothLamb BrothBeef LiverPea FlourDried Egg WhitesChicken FatGround FlaxseedsSunflower OilSaltSodium PhosphateGuar GumNatural FlavorSodium CarbonateFructooligosaccharideFish OilZinc ProteinateVitamin E SupplementL-acorbyl-2-polyphosphate (Source of Vitamin C)