Fuzzu Political Parody Mike Dog Toy

by Fuzzu
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There’s no debating that this squeaky Mike dog toy will give your dog “a good run for his money!” Mike comes alive with floppy arms and legs that smack your pup about the head as she shakes him silly. We’ve added fortified seams by triple-stitching where the arms and legs are attached to the body. The toy also features top-stitching at the elbows and knees for easy sitting and fun posing. A squeaker is included for good measure. "A RICH PHOTO OPPORTUNITY BEGGING TO HAPPEN: Our Mike dog toy is a real conversation starter! Top-stitching at the elbows and knees makes for easy sitting and strategic posing (a photo-opportunity begging to happen). Rich printed details such as “Vote for me…I’m worth it!”, a pocket full of money, and “Soda Pop Cop” label, and his confident smile complete the deal.
A MILLION DOLLAR TOY: What a deal! Your purchase of this dog toy is a wise investment! This dog toy is made with durable polyester canvas and triple-stitched at the seams around the arms and legs to ensure long lasting play. Mike is “loaded” with a squeaker.
NON-TOXIC: Safety is super-important when it comes to choosing a toy for your pet. Crafted from premium quality, tough non-toxic polyester with accents of plush, this Mike Bloomberg chew toy is safe for your canine friend.
A PRICELESS GIFT: Worth a million laughs! No matter which way they lean, your friends and their dogs will go wild for our Mike toy." "We design FUZZU toys with original artwork that's colorfully printed onto durable fabric. This distinctive style is blended with our unique brand of humor. Original packaging with a whimsical illustrated story is an added enhancement of each toy. 
Created with originality, colorful detail, durability, quality materials and an irresistible sense of humor, FUZZU toys are for pets and for you!"