Forza10 Actiwet Diabetic for Cats (32pcs)

FORZA10 Diabetic Actiwet FISH is a specific formulation developed by FORZA10 R&D Department to support therapy of insulin-dependent diabetes in cats, by promoting the restart of pancreas functionality, that works along insulin administration (conventional therapy). Clinical evaluations performed by freelance veterinary doctors specialized in treating type II diabetes have shown that this unique formula can improve cats' response to insulin therapy, so much so that in a significative amount of cases it was possible to decrease the daily dose of insulin. This is due to the fact that FORZA10 Diabetic, in many cases, can restore - at the very least partially - the endogenous insulin production, thus significantly influencing the total levels of insulin (endogenous + injected). NB: It is advised that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before beginning a diet with FORZA10 Diabetic. The product's effectiveness is such that it is advisable to constantly monitor glycemic levels once the diet is started, in order to calibrate the correct insulin dose and avoid the risk of dangerous hypoglycemic crisis.