Coastal Pet Products Lil Pals DoubleSided Dog Comb

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Keep your little pal looking fresh and clean with the Li'l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb. Featuring 32 closely-spaced stainless steel teeth on one side and 17 stainless steel teeth on the other, this comb quickly and easily detangles fur and smooths the coat; it also works great for smoothing and straightening whiskers and hair around his eyes, ears and mouth. The closely-spaced teeth can even be used to efficiently lift fleas and burrs out of his hair. Regular brushing also massages the skin to stimulate the production of natural oils and distributes them evenly for a shiny, healthy coat. With a 3-inch handle and 1.75-inch head, this comb is scaled down to perfect proportions for toy and small breed dogs.



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