A & E Nibbles Loofah Cheeze House Small Animal Toy


Colorful loofah chew toy for your favorite small animal to play and nibble.

Why We Love It

  • Helps encourage chewing behaviors which helps with dental health
  • Crafted from a natural and pet-safe chewable material.
  • Provides mental stimulation which aids in reducing stress and anxiety

About A&E Cage Company

Family owned and operated, A&E is the leading designer and manufacturer of bird toys, bird cages, small animal toys, small animal cages, and full line accessories. bringing over 60 years of combined experience to the industry.? We are proud to develop a line of hand-crafted toys using globally sourced natural materials. We pride ourselves on decades of extensive expertise, experience, and the love for animals which enables us to provide these innovative toys for birds, small animals, and owners to love. ?A&E Cage Company provides 100% safe, non-toxic, fun toys. All toys go through extensive certified laboratory testing with passing results.?We are 100% OEM Capable. If you need it, we can produce it at one of our fully certified factories meeting all quality and social standards. 



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