Wireless gaming mouse

by go

feature of product:

2.4G working frequency, strong versatility, transmission distance up to 15 meters

Using USB high-speed transmission technology, the return rate is up to 500Hz, which is 4 times faster than the normal mouse transmission rate.

Zero delay without skipping frames can better meet the requirements of gamers

Use the original high-end game chip P3330, lower power consumption, more stable cursor, stronger ability to pass

High-resolution six-speed adjustable: 500/1000/2000/3000/4000/7200 CPI with CPI gear indication, CPI has memory function.

After the driver is installed, all buttons can be set freely (except the confirmation button)

Use infrared LED as mobile tracking source

Multi-level power saving mode, the largest battery energy saving, and can completely shut down the power.

Decorative lights with intelligent sleep function

Nano receiver, plug and play

Product use:

1. Remove the wireless mouse and receiver from the box
2. Plug the nano receiver into the host's USB port
3. Load the 2PCS AA alkaline dry battery into the mouse interior with the correct polarity.

4. After the LED light at DPI is shining, you can use the wireless mouse.

Product advanced features:

1, CPI adjustment function

This mouse has a six-speed CPI adjustment of 500/1000/2000/3000/4000/7200. CPI has a memory function. If you want to switch to other speeds, press CPI+, CPI- to switch CPI, you can switch between these six files until you like the speed. During the switching process, the LED indicator will flash 500CPI once, 1000CPI flashes 2 times, 2000CPI flashes 3 times, 3000CPI flashes four times, 4000CPI flashes five times, 7200CPI flashes 6 times

2, rate of return adjustment function

The mouse has a return rate of 125Hz/250Hz/500HZ adjustable, the factory default is 125Hz.

3. Button function


The default function of the side button is ALT, CTRL, SHIFT.


4, automatic sleep and full shutdown function

If you do not use the mouse for 8 minutes, the mouse will enter the auto-sleep state to save power. To reboot, just press any key as you like. If you turn off the computer or unplug the receiver, you can enter the hibernation shutdown state by pressing a button or moving the mouse.


Decorative light manual off and auto off function

This product decorative light can be completely turned off by the power switch at the bottom or the mouse can be turned off for 8 minutes without using it to save power.HTB13sqzeNWYBuNjy1zkq6xGGpXaz23